This really is the future of retail...

With advanced technology being developed and applied seamlessly to the retail sector now and in the future, we at YourStudio have been investigating the new applications and the use of digital and virtual worlds. We have discovered many new technologies invented in recent times that can also be applied to physical retail stores to provide a more complete experience for the consumer when they shop. The most commonly used technologies are: smartphones, tablets and self-service kiosks, but we’ll be looking beyond that.

Virtual retail will definitely be a big hit, with the rise of smartphones and m-commerce, this was first trialled in South Korea by chain store Home Plus, co-owned by Tesco and Samsung. The result was a virtual supermarket in a subway station, where many Korean shoppers who are unwilling to spend more time than necessary to do their grocery shopping, can now make good use of the waiting time for trains during their travels. A wall-length billboard displaying conventional shelving with images of products labelled with a QR code has been installed, customers can simply scan the code with their phone to access further information, put the item into their virtual shopping basket, check-out, pay and arrange for their grocery to be delivered to their house, at their own convenience. This virtual supermarket has helped Home Plus increase their sales by 130% and the number of registered users by 76% within the three-month trial period.

Our virtual world extends beyond shelves and products. The Japanese game on NintendoDS, ‘LovePlus’, is a dating sim game, where the player can have a virtual girlfriend, which actually requires effort to maintain the ‘relationship’. The retailers in Atami, Japan, a resort town that was perfect for honeymoons, have targeted these gamers as business has declined due to cheap flights abroad. Now, in 13 locations in Atami, there will be 2D barcodes, which can be scanned to see your virtual sweetheart and to take photos with them on iPhones or iPads – bringing the virtual world into the real one.

Diesel Spring/Summer 08 fashion show featured not only real life models, but also CGI holographic characters created by Spanish animation studio DVein and Danish company Vizoo. Titled ‘Liquid Space’, the 3D animation was created so that it could be viewed from both sides, swimming around the models, as well as allowing them to interact with and walk through the holograms made in an underwater landscape.

Sebastian Merchel made use of Augmented Reality very well in his AR Tees as they can become alive when viewed through a webcam!

AR-Tees first augmented reality tv-shirt from SebastianMerchel on Vimeo.

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