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YourStudio & PSFK Collaborate

YourStudio worked alongside international trends think-tank PSFK to develop some new concepts for the workplace of the future based on their latest trend report: The Future of Work. As far-fetched as the concepts may seem, all of them are based on technology that is now available from digital surfaces to gesture technology.

YourStudio looked at how people interact and share information daily through social platforms online such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ and thought about how that would influence the workspace of the future. Below is a selection of the work we created for PSFK:

‘Looking at current workspace trends and the needs of future generations, YourStudio designed a workspace that would provide the ideal environment for a productive and engaged social workforce. Our designs integrate technology into the space in ways which enhance the sharing, connectivity and user-experience.’


The Sharing Office

The Thunderdome streams all the work that’s going on in the workspace onto one central hub that workers can swipe down and flick through rather like a digital portfolio.


Sharing Cloud

office design

Rather than teams burying their heads in their work with no-one else seeing what they’re doing, the Ideas Cloud is like a realtime pinboard where team’s ideas are shared and made public in the office to encourage collaboration and the development of ideas.


Surface Desk

office design

With more and more people hot-desking, why cart around a box of posessions and in/out trays with you when the Surface Desk instantly customises to you and all of your preferences when you plug in your tablet? Instantly customise the desk’s interactive surfaces with your own content.


Surface Desk Storage

office design

To read all about the concepts and more on the office of the future go to PSFK: The Future of Work or contact info@weareyourstudio.com.

YourStudio is a brand design agency specialising in creating interiors that reflect the values of the client or brand.  If you want us to look at ways of improving the feeling in your workspace, please contact us here.

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