Maison Martin Margiela’s Olfactory Universe
A look at Maison Martin margiela's recent perfume

When Maison Martin Margiela released it’s first fragrance (Untitled) early this year it was a new venture which as you can see is distinctly Margiela.

They have recently launched the perfumes site where Maison Martin Margiela remain faithful to the original design code: “back to basics”.  The website reinterprets the data-processing language of the beginnings of the Internet by proposing to the viewer an initiatory discovery of the ingredients and fragrant aspects of the perfume (untitled), via pop-up videos and trompe l’oeil.

The stunning but simple bottle that holds (untitled) was a collaborative effort between Martin Margiela and creative director Fabien Baron, reminiscent of medicinal and classical perfumery bottles of the 19th century.

Made from clear glass, the traditional bottles have  been dipped in matte white paint (another Margiela signature) and woven with cotton thread around the neck with a single thread holding the stopper. Olivetti typewriter font is used for the name written across the paint, and the stopper is engraved with Margiela’s numerical line codes, that signify the various lines, Line 3 as ‘Margiela’s olfactory universe’.

The website was conceptualized by French creative and advertising studio RYSWYCK. The site provides a unique insight into the fragrance within (untitled), focusing on the simple aspect of the ingredients and scent within the the bottle Maison Martin Margiela’s  new site pays tribute to the perfume (untitled).

Have a look at the website
Images courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela.

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